The Github repository has .stl files for 3d printing snoot parts. The parts require hand finishing, including drilling and tapping. They do work quite well though, no warranties on individual results though. One part is a base that allows a backscatter optical snoot to be used on a Sea and Sea YS-D3. This requires purchasing a Sea and Sea YS-D3 snoot and using marine epoxy to attach the adapter base to the Sea and Sea snoot base. The other snoot base is for using Reefnet fiber optic locline arms on a YS-D3. This one requires drilling and tapping the snoot base. The locline attachment hole needs to be drilled with a 23/32 inch drill bit and tapped with a 1/2 inch NPT tap. The fill for this printing needs to be somewhat high, meaning most likely more than 50%. I successfully had it printed with PTFE and fill of about this much.